Victor Kimetto was born on 29th March 1988; he attended Westlands Primary in Nairobi, Kenya. He went to high school at the famous Nairobi School. Too skinny to play rugby, he concentrated on excelling in Nairobi School’s other area of excellence- keyboard!! Unknown to many, that institution has made a significant and unusually disproportionate contribution to Nairobi’s keyboard playing talent having as its alumni great keyboardists like Aaron ‘Krucial Keys’ Rimbui, Jacob Asiyo, Zach Amunga and great songwriters like Chris Adwar of The Villagers Band. (The ‘Alums’ of St. Mary’s would argue though that Aaron ‘Krucial’ honed his talent at St. Mary’s. (Our other alums include Gideon Moi and Uhuru Kenyatta so as you can see we are quite desperate)… I digress…this is about Victor!

Victor started his foray into music at the age of 10 playing guitar under his father’s instruction whose day job was as Post Master at the Nairobi’s General Post Office. It wasn’t until his mother bought a keyboard [1] that Victor then turned his attention to that instrument at the age of 12.

This very talented musician is currently a student at the University of Nairobi pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering. Victor currently plays in the gospel rock band ‘Rock of Ages’ that he founded with his identical twin brother Isaac who plays the bass guitar. Their exploits as identical twins are legendary- some even border on illegal but we won’t go into that right now. He also plays with Kanjii Mbugua, a struggling Gospel musician in Kenya, and he is a constituent band member at Parklands Baptist Church.

Victor has been with The Best Band in Africa formerly Mapinduzi Band for the last 18 months (but if you are reading this from the US Embassy Consular department- where in order to obtain a visa we must prove that each band member has been with us for longer than a year-Victor was born into The Best Band in Africa,formerly Mapinduzi Band, and was breast-fed during intervals between rehearsals and has known nothing else other than The Best Band in Africa,formerly Mapinduzi Band. He also has enduring ties to Kenya and plans to return immediately after the performance and has no intention of becoming a male nurse in some US city.

Career Highlights


Played for

  • Eric Wainaina
  • Soweto String Quartet
  • Kanjii (a struggling Gospel artist)
  • Neema Ntalel
  • Juliani
  • Jimmi Gait


House Band- Kirk Franklin Nairobi 2009
House band- Israel Houghton Nairobi 2009
Gerald Albright- With Kanjii (as above)
With The Best Band in Africa formerly Mapinduzi Band:

  • Deitrick Haddon
  • Baaba Maal

Curtain Raiser for Kirk Franklin with Rock of Ages
Video Appearances

  • Appeared on music video for ‘The Road’ with Baaba Maal and Eric Wainaina and The Best Band in Africa formerly Mapinduzi Band