He was born on 31st July 1977. He attended Baba Dogo Primary School,started his higher education at Nairobi School, finishing at St. Theresa’s High School. He served as an altar boy at Baba Dogo Catholic Church and began playing percussions in his early teens. As a kid, George found himself growing up rough in the Mathare Slums of Nairobi’s Eastlands Area. He overcame a life fraught with many challenges including petty crime and started playing football for the Mathare Youth Sports Association at the age of 11.

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When I first met Isaac Mugunda Omamu he was playing for Mercy Myra at a New Years show at Safari Park Hotel in 2003. It is no secret that at that time, Izzo as we fondly call him (pronounced ‘Eye-zo’ – rules of double consonants affecting the sound of the preceding vowel thrown emphatically out the window), was completely enamoured with the Congolese guitarist way of being. Izzo even spoke Lingala. This is like being a non-Kalenjin long distance runner and learning Kalenjin just because you want to be ‘in’. Anyway I guess it worked because Izzo is the best guitarist I know of- and I say that with no regrets or hesitation. He is also immensely versatile and allows his fingers to stroll casually into jazz, reggae, funk, ska, ndombolo, whenever they so please.

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Marvin Maveke was born in Nairobi on the 18th of January 1985 at the Aga Khan Hospital. He went to Aga Khan Primary and Aga Khan Secondary but learned how to play drums at Deliverance Church in Umoja. At the time he started playing he was a skinny little boy with a hairline. Now he is a medium-sized father of two with a bald head. His barber looked at his hairline when he was a teenager and suggested that dreadlocks would never work. Not unless he wanted to appear like two different people when photographed from the front or in profile.

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At the time of writing this Ricky had just been blessed with his and his wife’s first child, a baby boy called Liron Lukhachi. Baba Liron is a great soul, a wonderful bassist and a man who can be relied on to speak his mind in truth, honesty and no malice. He joined the band in 2005 and has made a most significant contribution in his time here.

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Victor Kipyator Kimetto was born on 29th March 1988 and went to primary school at Westlands Primary in Nairobi, Kenya. He went to high school at the famous Nairobi School. Too skinny to play rugby he concentrated on excelling in Nairobi School’s other area of excellence- keyboard. Unknown to many that institution has made a significant and unusually disproportionate contribution to Nairobi’s keyboard playing talent having as its alumni great keyboardists like Aaron ‘Krucial Keys’ Rimbui, Jacob Asiyo, Zach Amunga and great songwriters like Chris Adwar of The Villagers. (The Alums of St. Mary’s would argue though that Aaron ‘Krucial’ honed his talent at St. Mary’s. Our other alums include Gideon Moi and Uhuru Kenyatta so as you can see we are quite desperate).

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