In a made up language

In a made up time

I met a made up people

With a made up cry

Singing Dek! Dek! Dek!

In my fabrication

On the town’s main street

Stood an army general

Trying to make a speech

But the people would not listen

They weren’t listening any more

They’d lost too many children in the stupid war

Singing Dek!Dek!Dek!

Singing Dek!Dek!Dek!



Then the tanks began to roll

But the people would not move

And the tear gas began to choke

But the people would not move

They said, ‘Come and get me you blood suckers!’

Come and get me I won’t move

These words I’m singing will live much longer

Than the skin I’m living in

I am wind now.’


Place de l’independence, is still a shade of red

Despite best efforts to help us forget

But if you listen carefully, to the blades of grass

You’ll hear the missing pages of our story.