At the time of writing this, Ricky and his wife had just been blessed with their first child, a baby boy called Liron Lukhachi. Baba Liron is a great soul, a wonderful bassist and a man who can be relied on to speak his mind in truth, honesty and no malice. He joined the band in 2005 and has made a most significant contribution!

Born Patrick Enos Lukhachi Nanjero, in Nairobi on 8 October 1980, Ricky is a great lover of all things musical, laughter and ugali or busuma. I challenge any other band to an ugali-eating competition and I assure you we shall win. (Terms and conditions apply. Eligible bands must comprise 12 or fewer members). Ricky’s other skill is that he can tell a story like few people can, interspersed with much mirth in a rapid fire Sheng[1] that leaves the Babis[2] around him laughing, where we know a laugh should come then tugging at each other’s shirts later and asking for clarification. His colourful youth provides the setting for a number of them.

Ricky comes from a family of eight with four brothers and three sisters- a combination of musicians, DJs, civil servants, bouncers and pastors- basically Rastafarians, Christians and people who’ll beat the crap out of you if you step out of line in a club- quite the combination.  In his youth he could be counted on to be a ringleader and Buru Buru High School provided the setting for many of the exploits that can’t be recorded here. That being said Ricky can now always be relied on for a sober appraisal of a situation and solid advice and encouragement when either is required.

Ricky started playing bass in 1999 at Deliverance Church Umoja with our drummer Marvin. Indeed the contribution of the church to the level of musicianship in this part of the world as in others cannot be overstated. In recognition of his talent Ricky has been called to the Berklee College of Music and is an awardee of a partial scholarship from the Berklee African Scholars’ Grant. He also served as the bandleader during the New York run of our very successful stage musical MO FAYA!

His influences include Terrence Palmer, Nathan East, John Patitucci, Fana Zulu and Etienne Mbappe.

Ricky has played with Betty Magungu, Zana Ziki and Center Line. He also played when televangelists Bishop T.D.Jakes and  Juanita Bynam visited Kenya in front of an audience of about half a million people on both occasions. Ricky has played in front of audiences in Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Germany and in the United States of America.

Career Highlights
Drummer-The Best Band in Africa
Played for Soweto String Quartet
Founder Ricky na Marafiki (Jazz ensemble that he fronts)
Deitrick Haddon- With Eric Wainaina
Played with The Best Band in Africa formerly Mapinduzi for Baaba Maal
Appeared on music video with Baaba Maal, Eric Wainaina and The Best Band in Africa
Sauti za Busara,
Patrick Nakaya

Also played with Tanzania’s Lady Jay Dee at Blankets and Wine (March 2011)

[1] A street hybrid of Kiswahili that mixes in English and vernacular and all together made up words.
[2] Babi short for Babylon which refers to anyone who doesn’t ‘belong’