Marvin Maveke was born in Nairobi on the 18th of January 1985 at the Aga Khan Hospital. He went to Aga Khan Primary and Aga Khan Secondary but learned how to play drums at Deliverance Church,Umoja. At the time he started playing he was a skinny little boy with a hairline. Now he is a medium-sized father of two with a bald head. His barber looked at his hairline when he was a teenager and suggested that dreadlocks would never work. Not unless he wanted to appear like two different people when photographed from the front or in profile.

Being left handed presented it’s own challenges seeing as he wasn’t allowed to change the set-up of the drum set for fear of being fired by a dictatorial church band leader. He had to play the drums as they were set up or else go home. Left handed guitarists have overcome this by playing their instrument upside down but I’m sure you appreciate while this is no mean feat for a guitarist it would be completely impossible for a drummer.

Marvin cut his teeth playing for the Alliance Francaise supported ‘Spotlight on Kenyan Music’ which endeavours to expose new talent to Kenyan audiences. This it manages to do well but an additional perk is that it also exposes young musicians to older more cynical instrumentalists (usually guitarists). This is one of the most valuable lessons a young musician can ever hope to have. The rules of engagement are if you can handle the hardened guitarist you can handle a career in the music industry. If you can get a performance out of the veteran you can possibly dream of getting sponsorship from a corporate.

Marvin is also my PA and what a fine one at that. His responsibilities range from scheduling my day and making sure that all appointments fit into our goals as a company. He also handles all band bookings. This means that he also gets to handle all the drama that comes with dealing with clients. For this I award him the Medal of Valour.

When he isn’t playing drums or PAing for me he runs a T-Shirt merchandising business called Defined Concepts which makes high quality T Shirts that I proudly own 2 samples of. And if that doesn’t keep him busy enough he rents out cars that he owns as private hires. He also invests in land whenever he has spare cash available.

He is engaged to the wonderful and beautiful and soon-to-graduate-from-Med-school Lorraine Akinyi Okech with whom he has two glorious children: 3 year old Hawi and Jabari (brand new).

Career Highlights
Drummer-The Best Band in Africa

Played for Soweto String Quartet
Curtain Raiser for Kirk Franklin with Ma3 band at the Spread The Love (2009) Festival.
Played with The Best Band in Africa ,formerly Mapinduzi for Baaba Maal
Appeared on music video with Baaba Maal, Eric Wainaina and The Best Band in Africa

Spotlight on Kenyan Music- Alliance Francaise
Played with Makadem ‘Ohanglaman’ in Morocco (2009)
Graced the Sauti za Busara Festival stage.
Played with Ma3 band.

House band-Israel Houghton in his Kenyan tour.

One of Mavuno Church’s resident drummers.

Played with Patrick Nakaya

Has also played with some of Kenya’s finest acts: Kanjii, Kora Award Winner,Neema Ntalel, Juliani and Jimmi Gait

Shared a stage with jazz maestro Gerald Albright


Also played with Tanzania’s Lady Jay Dee at Blankets and Wine (March 2011)

Other Interests