Apr 2012 12

GEMA does not represent me, my views or where I see us going as a country. What it does awaken in me is a feeling of guilt. In a sense the ICC got it wrong. It’s not the Ocampo 4 but more like the Ocampo 40 million. We are all on trial. We are all guilty. But now we are also guilty of wasting time!!

Allow me to tell you a story. A cab driver that we frequently use, let’s call him Peter, rushed his then 3 month-old son to Kenyatta hospital. The child was diagnosed with meningitis. The doctor looked at Peter and said, ‘You look like someone who can afford the medicine that your child needs. I can either inject your child with the medicines that we have in stock here, which won’t help- they will only make you feel like something is being done. Or you can get into your car, rush to Nairobi Hospital and buy the real meningitis medication for KShs 18,000.’ Peter did as he was advised. He returned with the medication which the doctor administered. While he had been away the child in the bed next to his own child died from meningitis. His parents had been too poor to afford the treatment.

I tell this story not to criticize Kenyatta Hospital but to illustrate a larger point. If we take the problems at Kenyatta Hospital to be indicative of the problems in Kenya we can only assume that every other sector is suffering equally. The problems we face in Kenya are huge. We need to make quality healthcare affordable or free for all Kenyans, we need to reform our education system, we need to improve housing on all levels, we need to guarantee food security, we need to invest in renewable energy, we need to safeguard the peaceful coexistence of majority Christians and minority Muslims. The task ahead and presently with us is vast.

Which is why I think the sustained debate surrounding Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto, two of the men accused of crimes against humanity, other than being divisive is actually a waste of our time. From a technical standpoint all the prayers and all the rallies can’t help. The beauty of the ICC process is that it is unaffected by all this clamour. It is blind justice, unhampered by stature of the accused, personal history or biases. Like one wise person said you can’t stop a train by shouting at it.

What’s more is that these two men are proposing running for president. Kenya is a nation of over 40 tribes. How can you be a president of a nation when you have been accused of organizing the deaths and displacement of people you are to serve? You can’t be president of the Kikuyu alone. You can’t be president of the Kalenjin alone. You have to be president of Kenya and the crimes these two men are being accused of are wholly un-presidential.

What we have to remind ourselves of as voters is that many politicians (these two included) are not in politics for service. I wish I could get people to see that. It’s about access. It’s about knowing what deals are going down where and knowing before anyone else. It’s about making sure that when the big contracts are being signed your 10% is in the mix. But we are so poor as a nation, so easily deceived. You build a bridge in a constituency you become a hero- no one asks where you got the money from. You’re suspected of dealing drugs but you pay school fees for hundreds so somehow you’re exonerated- even exalted. It doesn’t occur to anyone that building bridges and providing education is the job of the government. It is better to have a government that works than an individual who can by the wave of his wand make one of your many problems temporarily disappear. The government is the great equalizer between those who are born into privilege (and who probably work hard too) and those who are born into situations that beleaguer all attempts at self-improvement.

Right now, if you are born poor in Kenya you will probably die poor. But a domestic worker needs to know that when she shows up at her local clinic her baby will get the attention it deserves. A rape victim needs to know that the courts will provide justice. A university student needs to know that a lecturer will turn up to class, teach him and judge his efforts fairly. The debate right now is about building the structures that will outlive individuals and provide for citizens in perpetuity. It’s not about Uhuru. It’s not about Ruto. They are so irrelevant to this debate. I can’t overstate it. I can’t shout it loudly enough!!

Finally, let me say that if Kenyans vote for a Kikuyu man who cares so little for members of our Kalenjin and Luo family, or for a Kalenjin man who cares so little for our Kikuyu, Luhya and Kisii family, then we should all consider, out of conscience relocating to a neighbouring country. For how can we live in a country led by these men or men like them and how can we live with people who would vote them into power?


  1. CK says:

    Eric, very well said. However, instead of relocating, we should fight for what is right.

    • sammy mbua says:

      Hi wainaina, thats a powerful message. Just to think about it, have ever considered offering your services at any level. In my political discourses i often find myself quoting you 9 nchi ya watu wandogo)??

    • dennis musundi says:

      Heeeeeeh heh… boss you are soooo on point. This info needs to get out to the greater public somehow. Game yako iko juu tu sana kama sikio la Giraffe

  2. nyambura says:

    i agree with u wainaina it time that we young Kenyans make a change in our country time is coming keep it up

  3. Parvin says:

    So true Eric, such a shame for us Kenyans. We have a lot of potential which we waste through selecting leaders who are taking us nowhere…just dragging us behind.

  4. Beatrice Guya says:

    Thanks so much for this. I totally share your sentiments! Wish you could find a way to hammer this into the heads of our people. Our land needs healing and this right here is a bold step towards our redemption. Big up and keep up the good work!

  5. Don kevince says:

    l totally agree with you eric.if the current generation of youth in kenya could more wise and stop supporting leaders who are selfish,tribalistic and greedy this country will be peaceful.l would love see my children and grandchildren live in a kenya where they will not be judged in terms of their tribe but character. a country where everyone is treated equally or elected in any govt. position irrespective of their tribes.am sorry to say the current crop of leaders have failed us.

  6. eric ivan says:

    …no one in their ryt minds will vote a president accused of crimes aganist humanity,one hiding under tribal factions..we the youths n kenyans nid 2 vote in a kenyan who is unblemished,someone who is 4 kenya n not seeking tribal acclaim!!!!MIMI NI RAIYA.

  7. Man You Are One Out A Million You’ve Made Me Think Twice In The Words Of The National Anthem.

  8. dorothy says:

    Surely surely,its about time we wake up as kenyans and choose create a good environment for our children and our childrens children,kenya needs a revolution,a cuontry where leaders are held accountable and have a love and vision for their country and all its people,where its citizens are protected and valued.I m tired of all these leaders and their lack of conscience,their indifference to suffering which is caused by their greed.its time for kenyans to wake up and bring the change we need,we have come so far to let selfish politicians who care only for their interests fool us. I want to be part of this revolution,so at least our kids can have it better. Well said Eric wainaina, amandla.

  9. Emmanuel says:

    A well written piece! If only we could disseminate this and empower the majority of the electorate with knowledge, then we would be headed in the right direction as a country.
    If only we could have an initiative that unites the electorate under the single tribe of Kenyan, then there would be hope.
    I think it has been a deliberate ploy by successive regimes in this country to keep the majority of the masses poorly educated so that they are easily manipulable.
    As it is right now, we all have to take up the responsibility of talking to our brothers and sisters who allow themselves to be used come election time and made to believe that the other tribes are bad and that “it is our turn to eat”.
    We have the power, as Kenyan voters, to create a revolution at the ballot box that will see this country pull itself up by the bootstraps and go forth to the great destiny that awaits us….if only we wake up and smell the coffee.

  10. Lucy Rebekah says:

    So well said Eric! This is not about individuals who blindfold people into tribal bandwagons. Rather it’s about the country which we were all so proud of at some point in history, when it still belonged to all of us and not one of us. When we fought for the freedom of all of us and not one of the tribes. This country belongs to us as the people irrespective of language, and we retain the right to demand it from the hands of the few who are trying to take it to the dogs of their own selfish interests. It is not Ruto’s or Uhuru’s they don’t even come into to the picture in light of the serous allegations made against them. Leadership in its essence and definition remains a privilege given by the people, for the purpose as defined by the people of Kenya.

  11. Carol Nyaga says:

    Well put. Our blind obsession with the Ocampo 4, their incessant cries for our attention, and our tacit support by our silence is taking us down a dark and dangerous path.
    We need to think beyond characters and stand building structures that will sustain the long-term development of our beloved country.
    I’ll give you an example of my personal experience, early this year, I was trying to secure a school transfer for my form 1 daughter at the Ministry of Education on health grounds. I visited the ministry offices numerous times, not one person could explain the procedure for going about this. At one point I needed to see Prof. Gode (director of education), then his deputy, then back to Gode’s secretary, then to the minister…it was an endless rat race that spanned three weeks. And I was not alone. I met several people being given the same runaround. For instance, there was an elderly gentleman who had traveled from Eldoret under the advise of the education officer there. I was outraged when the arrogant deputy director (I forget this character’s name but he’s one unpleasant SOB), sent him back to Eldoret with words to the effect…’you’re wasting my time. I’m too important to deal with the likes of you.’ He even had the nerve to tell me that I looked wealthy enough to take my daughter to Braeburn so I should cease and desist wasting his time. At one point he walked out of his office and rudely asked us whether we wanted him to pray for God to send angels to build us more schools! Needless to say, three weeks later I had no assistance and I’m pretty certain that no-one else (who didn’t have the capacity to grease a few palms) did.
    But I digress… Back to my point. We need to create structures that don’t rely on personalities, otherwise we’re creating a Kenya with two tribes- the Haves and the Have-Nots. Which is a sure recipe for disaster.
    I disagree however with your suggestion of relocating. That’s the cowardly way out and is definitely not a long term approach.
    We should instead wrest back control of our country from the political class. Lets as individuals and collectively say ENOUGH. Media, quit giving these guys airtime! ICC, we support you all the way. And the place to start is right here, on social media.

  12. sammy says:

    I couldn’t have said it better. We are all guilty. We elect them, we look away as they steal and as we complain about one community having it all, we quietly celebrate when ours seems to be ‘gaining ground’ ours is a case of a nation that is more insincere than its politicians

  13. Ciiku says:

    Truer words have never been spoken Eric. The divisive nature of our politics is setting us back in such a way that we need to rise above this ridiculous thing called ‘tribe’ and be Kenyan.

  14. Maureen Muthaura says:

    I wish at least half the voters thought like this and understood that we have to take action. I guess the fear is that of what if they say they are with me but when it comes to action I’m left standing alone?

  15. Josephine says:

    GEMAs ways and buses and whatever else do not represent me either. I was born by kikuyu parents. my child is adopted – whats his tribe? Unless we are like jews he is a kenyan. what are my issues – medical & medical again. How is it possible for a country with the 4th largest economy in Kenya be unable to feed and provide medical attention its people? How do you go the largest medical facility in East & Central Africa and with no money no treatment. I have wept enough on those corridors and decided in my own small way to make a difference. I will give you general awareness on the bits and pieces i have picked up along medical corridors but correct information. It is a sin that all oncologists are in Nairobi and without equipment to do thier job! Actually almost all medical specialists are in Nairobi not a wonder then people from the NFD come to Kenya! Do i like Uhuru – exceedingly. Would i vote for him. No! I think there are more visionary people vying for president. am i kikuyu yes. am i proud of that? yes. Am i kenyan ? oh yes ! am i proud of that ? not most of the time. My observation is that discontent people sing powerful songs. Eric give us some other ones that we become wazalendo and get a conscience where my neighbour is my brother and he is sure i wont steal food from his plate!

  16. Murigu says:


    Is there some money you thought you would make from Uhuru that you didn’t and it has made you fight back like a woman scorned? You are speaking on behalf of who, all I remember about you is that pathetic song you guys were trying to recite during Promulgation Day. You believe in democracy from where by telling us who we should not vote for, why don’t you tell us about the values for keeping a family together and taking care of your responsibility when your libido goes haywire? Bure kabisa.

    • Sophie says:

      Eric…you spoke of behalf of me!

    • Janice says:

      This combative tone does not add value to our discourse or nation. These outlandish accusations is the face of Gema and it belongs to the time we were less informed. You have imagined a wrong, concluded its fact and gone on the offensive, firing away as if your survival depended on it. You have not left room for discourse. You are a perfect example of the wastefulness Eric is standing against. MAY ALL KENYANS WITH BRAINS REFUSE TO BE TAKEN CAPTIVE BY SUCH SMALL BRAINERS.

    • Mwangi says:

      Down, boy. Insults don’t change facts, no matter how much you shout them. This is much more important then someones libido. You vote for whoever you want to, thats your constitutional right. But know this: tribal mobilisation will kill this country for sure. I know the hate messages being preached in the ‘prayer rallies’ have already brainwashed many people to forget the lessons of PEV 2007-8, but please dont let a bunch of political dinosours like GEMA think for you!! Why should we be blindly following some politicians and we can clearly see a cliff ahead? On whichever side of the political divide one stands, if you arent carefull you soon will find yourself fighting for a cause which you do not understand, and ruin your country in the process. WAKE UP already!

    • wandia says:

      let us stick to the topic. Eeeeh, and let the one who has not sinned throw the first stone!

    • marco mogondo says:

      I am certainly happy to learn that there are Kenyans like Erick who profess nationalistic views but who unfortunately are a few and may not be give room to propagate these patriotic and statesmanship gospel.Kudos Erick.

  17. luchiri says:

    No Comment!
    our pettiness knows no common sense, tribe first!….

  18. oscar alosi says:

    this is well put….my main worry is how we can make it go viral so that many people read it!
    we need to take action and stop this nonsense and gain our rightful place.

  19. Brilliantly put – well put!

    Thanks for sharing :)


  20. Every patriotic Kenyan, as a matter of necessity, must wear the very glasses you have worn to see the situation as it really is. The ICC process is only our business as ordinary persons to the extent that Kenya is a signatory to the Rome Statute. Using the on-going cases to inform political discourse in our country is a demonstration of dishonesty and this can only be advanced by those not keen to see us united as a people with a common destiny. This common destiny is a united, peaceful and prosperous country. This unity must be informed by the fact that God brought us together for a reason. This peace must be founded on respect of every individual and pride in our various diversities. This prosperity must be anchored on viable development initiatives geared towards restoring and/or uplifting human dignity in all corners of our country. This is the time for every well meaning Kenyan to speak unity, peace and prosperity. God bless you and God bless Kenya.

  21. Kachoi says:

    Powerful. Speaks to me in more than words.

  22. Cyril Karwa says:

    Great read. Unfortunately most Kenyans won’t have the patience to read through the entire article, leading of course, to more needless heartache. I cry for my countrymen

  23. Joanna Preston says:

    You have a point but you lose me when you concentrate on Uhuru and Ruto.

    Who called for violence? Who said, “We will make Kenya ungovernable like Ivory Coast”? Who continued to call for mass action even when Kenyans were being butchered? Who said, “Kikuyus are the enemy”? Who said “Central province will be like Lesotho”?

    Political correctness is the badge of the coward, Wainaina and you should have more courage than this pussy-footing.

    It wasn’t Uhuru. It wasn’t Ruto. It was Raila.

    The murderers, rapists, looters and saboteurs all chanted “No Raila No Peace” He did not once stop them. He continued to defend them calling them “innocent civilians”.

    So please, if you are going to get into divisive topics, it is best to have some balls. Or just concentrate on singing.


    • Brian Kariuki says:

      Well said Jo, couldn’t have put it better. And I did not hear one whimper from this so called non Gema clans when they burnt innocent women in a church in Kiambaa.
      Let us say is as it is, not as we would want it to be.

      • Voni says:

        Dear Brian, if we need to say it as it should be said, then let us talk about the unheard stories. Of the 1969 displacement of non gimpy us from central province after the oaths were taken, the vows that a whole community swore to die rather than allow anybody else to rule Kenya, let us talk about the displacement of non Gikuyus from Central province, the murder and rape of these too in 2007, the Same people who are not worthy to get settled as IDPs today because they are invisible, and because the narrative of victim has been owned by theperpetratorsand designers of threat evil that has been a part of our country since 1963. You want truth, start with where it begins. And remember, every nation has a right to call for civil disobedience when a great injustice is seen to have been done, and in the case of 2007, whatever wait is packaged, when our dreams were taken away at the ballot, it was right to object. We need to be able to listen to each other’s stories,acknowledge where the pain is among every single one of us , to understand how and where we feel we have been wounded, and in really hearing, find a way into forgiveness and back into each others hearts. And the ICC is about criminality, not about a call to political action, it is about crimes that go against the conscience of the human race, not about a cry for justice and action to achieve that justice, in whatever way that justice is perceived

        • Brian Kariuki says:

          Sorry it took this long to reply to your post.
          I guess I have now understood the whole gist of the matter you are alluding to.
          Is killing a fellow human being in the name of civil disobedience rightful anywhere in the world.
          Or burning down a church with women and children in the name of a stolen election, Was your preferred candidate declared the winner after those people were used as burnt offering, did you sleep in a tent in all those instances you referred to, were you displaced, were your lifetime investments burnt to the ground in the name of democracy. Please be truthful as you wax lyrical about history.
          And when you talk about forgiveness, even God our creator, doesn’t forgive without the people acknowledging their sins, even though He may know them all.
          Mr. Wainaina should stick to singing, and you Voni should address matters as they are.
          There are courts in case anyone is aggrieved, what is good for the goose, is good for the gander.
          Elections were stolen in 1992, Matiba lost to a rigged election, was any person killed as a result?
          History lessons

      • amoroso gombe says:

        [Sorry for multiple posts Eric, had to correct some typos] If you are going to talk about balls and political correctness Jo and your supporters, then how about the balls to speak the truth? Kibaki at worst stole the election or at best acquiesced to a really dubious outcome. Kibaki refused a recount. Kibaki got sworn in at night. Kibaki had appointed the chief justice, finance minister, cbk governor, defence minister, justice minister, kra head, nsis head, the list goes on and on, all from his own ethnic community before the election. Most of the post election violence victims were shot by the police according to the Kriegler report. The fact is this. Kibaki-led ethnic chauvinism, coupled with the shameless theft of the election is the ROOT cause of the post election violence. When Raila backed Kibaki in 2002 with Kibaki Tosha, when he campaigned for Kibaki when Kibaki was hospitalised where were all the tribalists then!?! People like you have such a biased and one sided take on things selectively choosing what they want to be the facts rather than seeing the whole objective truth. Kibaki alone is responsible for the worst ethnic polarisation this country has seen since independence. In 2002 a Kikuyu backed by a Luo ran against another Kikuyu backed by a Kalenjin. Kenya could not have been less tribal than that, Kibaki then went and retrogressed and threw all that goodwill and unity away? According to whom? No less than Uhuru Kenyatta himself. Here is the proof: http://mobile.nation.co.ke/-/1292/1128916/-/format/xhtml/item/1/-/31hjfj/-/index.html balls my arse! Eric is speaking the truth. Ethnic chauvinism has to be pulled out at it’s roots.

      • Ken Ouma says:

        You’re diverting from the topic of the day. Let us make sure we elect leaders who have a positive agenda for this country, which will benefit all of us. Just vote Peter Kenneth and sure we will not regret. God bless Kenya.

    • Janice says:

      Joanna, Eric is dealing with the current realities which tends to unite. Its all about Gema politics which divides just like the tone of your letter is calculated to divide us. We are tired of the fight and want to move forward. So Ralia called for mass action! thats not considered an organized crime. Raila was lucky to escape the net of Ocampo, that does not mean we still have to repeat the same mistakes which led to our killing each other. Dont be a partaker of a fight which subtracts rather than add value to the nation. Be wise and look for the good of the coming genetations.

    • amoroso gombe says:

      If you are going to talk about balls and political correctness your supporters, then how about the balls to speak the truth? Kibaki stole the election. Kibaki refused a recount. Kibaki got hurriedly sworn in at night when the then constitution said there was no rush and you could take up to 90 days to clear things up first. Kibaki had appointed the chief justice, finance minister, cbk governor, defence minister justice minister, kra head, nsis head, the list goes on and on, all before the election, all from his own ethnic community. Most of the post election violence victims were shot by the police according to the Kriegler report. The fact is this. Kibaki-led/insipired ethnic chauvinism, coupled with the shameless theft of the election is the ROOT cause of the post election violence! When Raila backed Kibaki in 2002 with Kibaki Tosha, when he campaigned for Kibaki when Kibaki was hospitalised, where were all the tribalists then!?! People like you have such a biased and one sided take on things selectively choosing the facts rather than seeing the whole objective truth. Kibaki alone is responsible for the worst ethnic polarisation this country has seen since independence. In 2002 a Kikuyu backed by a Luo ran against another Kikuyu backed by a Kalenjin. Kenya could not have been less tribal than that! Kibaki then went and retrogressed and threw all that goodwill and unity away? According to whom? No less than Uhuru Kenyatta himself! Here is the proof: http://mobile.nation.co.ke/-/1292/1128916/-/format/xhtml/item/1/-/31hjfj/-/index.html balls my arse! Better an objective brain than brainless balls! Eric is speaking the truth. Ethnic chauvinism has to be confessed and pulled out at it’s roots!

    • Kimani says:

      If you wish to allocate blame on who was responsible for PEV, then perhaps you could have waited for an article which attempts to do that.

      I believe this article only takes exception to an attempt by some opportunists to extract a false mandate from 9 million Kenyans who are from Kikuyu, Embu and Meru communities. Perfect legitimate thing to do.

      I have never taken out subscription to be a member of GEMA, and I have never met anyone who says they are GEMA members. Why should GEMA patrons say they represent my views?

      I believe that’s all Eric is saying. If you think Raila is the one to blame for PEV, that’s ok, but I think that’s a point to be canvassed in a different article/debate

  24. robert says:

    sisemi kitu.what else can i say.you have said Wainaina.

  25. peter Ngure says:

    Now thats what i call real deal. real stuff! if we can be able to empower our people economically and socially, political support will follow…….. Its time Kenyan concentrated on what matters, feeding the hungry child, lowering cost of living and medication. free and quality education.. and we will be halfway to being democratic. democracy cannot feed the hungry, or cloth the naked! but it is sure a tool towards them

  26. Sophie Ndungi says:

    Eric!!! You are so on point. You have said things that I often think about in my head. GEMA does not represent me either! Can you create a sort of a campaign page or button with this as the motto and we can join and show just because we say ‘atiriri’ we care less about some tribal groupings?

  27. Thanks much Erick, we need healing and not peeling. Some leaders are not sure of where they want Kenya to go so they are lost in the jungle and thinks everyone else should follow them, even when we are sure of where we want to go.
    I have hope that, we will be able to differentiate chuff from the real wheat so that, we may have what is good for us as a people of one Nation, the nation of Kenya….Not Kikuyus, Luos, Luhyas, Kelenjins or any other tribes.
    One Kenya, One Nation: One Nation One Kenya.
    This is the Change we need right NOW!

  28. Brian Kariuki says:

    And there is one individual who has not been mentioned in this whole blog, who must be the piper who is calling the tune.
    Just vote for Peter Kenneth good people, I don’t even know his ethnicity, but whatever he is doing for the people he represents, if he can replicate for Kenya, we would not need to moveto another country. My two cents

  29. Cyro Mutesh says:

    The sad thing is GEMA/Kamatusa represents you by force even without your consent.

    All Kiuks who voted for ODM were the 1st to be evicted in ODM strongholds. Any Luo who voted for PNU in Naivasha was not spared either.

    Is that true Eric?

  30. Crystal Simeoni says:

    Great post!!!! They do NOT represent me either!!! And maybe we should all (including THEM!!) remember the very first bit of our constitution…

    1. (1) All sovereign power belongs to the people of Kenya and shall be exercised only in accordance with this Constitution.

  31. Lilian Okado says:

    I couldn’t have put it better. This is exactly what I’ve been screaming about like forever.. No one cares about two politicians! They made their bed and they should lie in it and stop dragging us into their drama all the time. There is so much more we should be concerned about, job creation, reduction of poverty, leadership among the youth, economy,etc. We want to achieve vision 2030, focusing too much on what happened as opposed to what can be done to change the present is not going to grow our economy, country’s investor potential or create a safe environment for our kids… We are here and now, and we need to be speaking more in the present. That many of us still think tribal is a big shame.. i for one have never looked at my brother or sister as a Luo or Kikuyu and hate when i am forced to introduce myself by tribe, (short of changing my last name).. we are NOT our tribes, we are Kenyans, We are ONE. PERIOD!

  32. Wockunyanyis says:

    The Epitome Of Political Nonsense.

  33. Hungai says:

    Very well put Eric….Kenya is bigger than any of us

  34. Patrick says:

    Erick…you’ve done what so many kenyans and members of your community can’t do..lets have one kenya with leaders voted not on tribe but principal and what they can offer to us as a nation.

  35. Mzalendo says:


    You highlighted some good points but missed the mark by suggesting that people should relocate to other countries. There is nothing pleasant about being a refugee. Running away is not the answer.

  36. benson says:

    Well put Eric Wainaina,thumbs up for this article,we need a kenya free from ethinic grouping kenya is bigger than any of our politicians

  37. james says:

    That’s all very well said but the question I will ask for the umpteenth time is; why is the print and electronic media giving these guys so much coverage and behaving like elections are next month? Why why WHY! You media WHY!!! Do you want to take this country back to 2007? MEDIA!!! Am shaking got to stop

  38. mkenya mzalendo says:

    This tribe thing is a pain in the a**!!! allow me to say so because every tribe want to elect one of their own to be the next country c.e.o. Thinking that if they elect one of their own, their tribe will be prioritized forgetting that this nation is a home of 43 legitimate tribes. We should learn from the past, those who ignited the violence embraced each other, ate together shared cosy and expensive hotels sitting on a cosy couchs while thousands of KENYAN were weeping and wailing sleeping in the cold without food and medicine for their ailing children, elderly people and disables, it was a painful experience brethren…we should avoid TRIBAL POLITICS by any means necessary and instead of TRIBAL NIGHTS such as kikuyu 90s, kamba 90s, luo 90s few but to mention, we as KENYANS should organize a monthly “KENYANS NIGHT” event with an aim of uniting all Kenyans followed by alot of exchange program all over the country and mostly in every high schools and educate our youth the importace of “ONENESS”.

  39. Lucy. Mama Amani says:

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOW!Thank you ,Eric! You are my Hero! To see more of what Eric is talking about pls check out this page on facebook: ‘THE DESPERATE INNOCENT CHILDREN OF ISIOLO” Eric, as one of the most patriotic Kenyans that i have known,please kindly,kindly check out that facebook page and get back to me.Thank you very much and God bless you.

  40. Ciku says:

    GEMA, that miserable and unholy alliance of myopic dreamers does not represent me either. And I am Kikuyu. I felt nothing but shame to read about their recent tactics, speedily replaced by mirth when I remembered how so very ineffective they were last time they tried to do anything significant, namely keep Moi from ascending to the presidency. He got there and lasted a couple of decades. So here’s to you, GEMA – may this recent mission you have adopted register as much ‘success’ as the other.

  41. Evans says:

    In agreement with Eric W, I/We have to believe that i/we am/are the change! I now have that opportunity and will not squander it. My days of blind support are gone and i like all other readers have to be objective this time round.

  42. Sam Muhiha says:

    Eric, I applaud your sincerity but I am also amazed at your naivety when discussing the issues that bedevil the country at the moment. I have no idea how old you are but I reckon you have been around long enough to appreciate the struggle to make Kenya a nation and not a collection of tribes has been a long one yet very little progress has been made. Part of the reason is bad self centred rudderles, visionless leadership that keeps leading the people back into the ethnic cul de sac every time the end of the tunnel is in sight. This ultimately led to PEV in 2007 and since then it is obvious no lessons have been learnt. Am surprsed that you think the problem can be solved by sacrifing the four people indicted at The Hague, while at the same time state the entire 40m Kenyans are to blame. Am afraid the issues you have so eloquently isolated will not go away that easily. We need to address the genesis of the problem, determine where the rain started beating us, engage each other with every card on the table and then move the healing process that will restore trust trust, assuming there ever were any,from there.Scapegoating, which is what ICC is about, will only complicate an already complex problem.

  43. Joseph OGANA says:

    I have gone through your piece. It is well delivered. I wish every Kenyan from all walks of life would take that into mind and vote those who are for accountable leaders and government rather than those inciting other ethnic groups/peoples/races or even propagating class conflicts.

    No change will happen to Kenyans if they wait for a messiah who is filthy rich, using every media opportunity to brand their wolf skin to look like a sheep.

    Using every social media tool to say who is good or who is bad instead of talking on issues affecting Kenyans.

    i pity Kenyans who are not, will not and not ready to make right choices instead use the coats and colors of Youthfulness without Vision, Tribe-mate rather than issues, Rich and distributing t-shirts, packets of salt, caps rather than IDEOLOGIES, POLICIES that envision the KENYA KENYANS WANT IN 2030 AND BEYOND..

  44. Ngunjiri Wambugu says:

    Well spoken Eric, well spoken. This must be said loudly, regularly, consistently, firmly & by as many of us as have public platforms to say it. This is what is important; if we get it right it wouldn’t matter which ‘tribe’ is in office. However to get to it succeed we must resist those trying to sell us the rubbish that we are poor, victims, undeveloped, etc, because of those others/so-&-so; it starts with us … & as WanjikuRevolution says … If I change, & you change, we can change Kenya, pamoja. Cheers.

  45. Trish says:

    Eric, you could have said it better but best. Your illustration stated makes each and every one of us look into our inner selfs as humans and as an individual what we have to do make Kenya a better place not as a tribe but the people of the Nation: Thanks Eric

  46. Trish says:

    Eric, you could not have said it better but you said it best. Your illustration stated makes each and every one of us look into our inner selfs as humans and as an individual what we have to do make Kenya a better place not as a tribe but the people of the Nation: Thanks Eric

  47. Sitawa Namwalie says:

    Thank goodness the ICC is deaf and blind to our petty histrionics. Now imagine this. Uhuru or Ruto are elected president and then head off to the Hague every few months because they are on trial!!! The horrible things they are accused off during the confirmation hearings left me silent. What would it be like hearing those terrible things that will be revealed during the trial. They unleashed horror not on foreign invaders but on their fellow citizens and they would be president. No I do not deserve either of them as my president.

  48. Eugene says:

    Couldn’t have put it better! I so agree with this 100%

  49. Bahati says:

    well said, glad we are talking as Kenyans. Lets also talk to our Heavenly Father about these issues because a change of heart and attitude comes from Him and thats ultimately what we all need. God please bless Kenya in this season especially and into the next. Give our people wisdom and clarity to make right choices for now and for the future generations. We know Your coming is near, but help us to live today like we are here to stay and still,to wait for that Day with the eagerness of meeting You face to face as if it were today. Teach us to love one another.

  50. Limo says:

    Eric, you are the man. Am originally from Burnt Forest in Rift-Valley. We have seen it all there, before 1992 we were among the fast growing community economically and socially. We had great school, strong cooperative movement, back then electricity, piped water and good roads were being advance to the rural area. Then! they came, told one community they were better without the other, trust me seen then those projects were never completed. We are at the cross road, we get it right we start our journey to prosperity we miss it and we are on journey to dark ages. Here is a good start Eric, you have always been an advocate for the havenots. Please use your God given talent to educate our generation that this not about this tribe or that but it is about Clubs that are disguised with initial that seems to represent us but the are owned by a few. God bless you Eric. Say it loud

  51. Mburu says:

    I don’t think it’s totally right for Kenyans, of the right thinking, to relocate to another country because of two individuals who are paying for their short-sightedness.Kenya is a nation of communities, not a community; a nation of diversities, not a diversity; a nation of progress, not of deceleration. Therefore, when individuals are accused of their involvement in criminal activities, we shouldn’t stand behind them – the wheel of justice must be allowed to do its task. Methinks, the way most Kenyans are saying the two are victims of unfair justice, gives a clear picture of an ‘inherent’ character with Kenyans of habouring criminals because they are our relatives. I’m not a supporter of any criminal – whether we are related or not. Let us, with eyes wide opened, deal with this issue like people who foresee the future and not just where our sight reaches.

  52. Voni says:

    Expressed from the heart, Eric. Not just yours, but our own weary ones. GEMA does not represent me, either. I am not of one of the selected tribes that form the separatist movement named GEMA, I am Kenyan, my identity, my vocation, my nation. In your summons, Eric, I feel the kick in the a@@e needed to act and ownmy country, and it’s greatness rather than leave our fate in the hands of opportunists and leaches who are like small vampires sucking our country’s lifeblood dry. And who are we to allow them this? They have the money, they do not have the power which is with the rest of us. Eric for President of Kenya ! Not president of GEMA or KAMATUSA or WHATEVER.

  53. dickson says:

    this is well said and enough Erick. It should be the headline of our local papers not ‘WHERE MAMA LUCY WENT!’ enlighten everyone thanks. Our Vote is our tool/ weapon keep it and use it wisely

  54. Anderson says:

    One would have wished that every Kenyan read this article, but that will not happen and so I am left with the most powerful weapon: God open the eyes of every Kenyan!

  55. toni says:

    Agreed Eric. The otherday when I posted similar sentiments on a facebook group called waembu online, I was puzzled. Most of us r still so tribal- we think its about alligning ourselfs to a certain tribe n ensure that power stcks closer to us. Social media is the way to go. I believe in a better tribeless nation. When I told the, Group members, that being tribal is a state of mind that we’v to work on 1st- like the popular phrase- removing the bush from a man’s” mind… They started seeing a different side to this.

  56. Yes, this article just proves why I have always loved your activities bro. I concur full hundred that Kenya is not about Ocampo 4 but Ocampo 40 Million… Honestly we need to wake up as citizens f this nation and stand up against vision-less leaders who seek cheap publicity but with absolutely nothing to offer us. Thumb up EW, Keep this up!

  57. Irene Mariah says:

    I could not put it better. Politicians only have their interests at heart. And to think that Mr. Wamalwa has declared that his ministry has nothing to do with ICC!! Uhuru and Ruto should do the moral thing – if they have any clue what that is. And Kenyans in their right minds should put them in their place by NOT voting for them.

  58. True, Eric; this reminds me of your songs ‘nchi ya kitu kidogo’ and ‘Mwananch mzalendo’. I will surely vote for a tested corruption-free candidate….Raila Amolo Odinga.

  59. Joe says:

    We all know better what happened during the post election, lets not get blinded by ICC and for some reason, it seems ICC will only deliver half justice no wonder these two guys are getting alot of sympathy from far and wide. So many other politicians bare more and bigger responsibility for the chaos and deaths that occurred and yet they seem to walk scot free as if they are saints, and we know that all so well. Eric dont be too fast to judge. Us Kenyans we know better that ICC i repeat!!

  60. Robert Simiyu says:

    Eric, I agree with you. Of course tribal chauvinists are very bitter with the way you candidly put this piece. This country is bigger than any one individual. Personally I dont care which tribe my next president will come from, as long as he/she captures my aspirations.

  61. Nyawir says:

    Very smart,Eric lets form a movement.

  62. Sfhussein says:

    Eric,well put however we need to engage the youth somehow in leadership/ politics so that we can make all these changes.Uhuru,Ruto ,Raila and the rest of them have had their chance in government yet their is nothing that they have done to improve living standards in kenya(education,healthcare,rising inflation,unemployment).Some may argue that the Kibaki regime has built roads,they are right but is the govts job to build roads only.Dont forget that these roads are not entirely being built by taxpayer’s money but “Chinese aid” mostly.Rise up Kenyan youth ,we are tired of being called leaders of tomorrow ,it is our time to lead this wealthy country in achieving developed world status.

  63. narrie says:

    YES YES YES!!!!and we cant say it better but stand as one kenyan youths…its our country and our country it remains as kenya not nyanza or central or rift valley…lets focus on developing our lives other than focusing on making two individual suspects of crime powerfull..

  64. Martin says:

    I Would Love if someone can call a peacefull congregation and no Politician or aspiring poliician to attend..only the ‘ordinary mwananchi’..This reason is to avoid distraction of attention..,, it be broadcast all around Kenya about all this issues at hand..not about who we are going to vote for..but what Kenya should be like.
    And Wainaina pliz be there to read this script ALOUD!!

  65. Daniel Muinde says:

    Its true Eric, I was telling a group we were discussing we need Statesman who will cut along all tribes in Kenya once elected and forget whether He once had a tribe

  66. Mark says:

    Kudos for the grass-roots education. Those are the people that vote and the ones who will die for Uhuru Ruto and Raila. Meanwhile most people reading this come election time will be sunning themselves in Malindi or even making snow angels if they are “middle class” enough

  67. Anyiko Owoko says:

    I concur, and convinced that if everybody sensible, especially opinion makers like Eric spoke out like this, more Kenyans will well start to smell the coffee & rubbish this meager & senseless ethnic politics. We need a clean President. People forget the analogy of, son of a gun. You live by it, you die by it. As long as we vote in or even support these implicated lot, we shall continue to suffer as a country.

  68. Victor Odhiambo says:

    Well spoken Eric. With God all things are possible. Our God is surely an awesome God. I live in the UK and all the stories I read about the political scene back at home is really scary. Let us not be confined in our tribal cocoons courtesy of our so called tribal kingpins who are out to exploit us the poor for their political gain. All the lies being perpetrated that the ICC has been compromised is cheap propaganda. Brian Karis I recommend you read this independent article and you will see you are among those who are among those being hoodwinked http://www.the-star.co.ke/weekend/siasa/70306-raila-and-ruto-what-caused-the-split. God Bless Kenya

  69. Joanna Preston says:

    My husband was hacked to pieces before my very own eyes. I was spared because I am white. I blame Raila Odinga for the pain that innocent Kenyans were subjected to. The mass rapes committed in his backyard in Kibera. The anguish of the woman gandraped by 7 men in Eldama Ravine and her private parts slit open with a machete. All of these, I blame on Raila Amollo Odinga. Let it be known the whole world.

    Immediately after losing my husband, I was shocked to see Raila on BBC Hardtalk in London claim that the people massacred in a church in Eldoret were killed because they had attacked the neighbouring community. He said it. He said that the woman burnt to death on a wheelchair was killed because she deserved it.

    So when you write your “oh, so politically correct” articles that add nothing new to the debate, remember to blame the right people for the violence that happened. Alternatively, if this is too divisive for you, please let’s just enjoy your music without your opinions on things that you clearly don’t understand.

    If you had seen your spouse pulled out of a car and chopped to pieces because some poltician had declared that he would make Kenya ungovernable, you would hesitate before exempting him from mention for his vile utterances.


    • MUNYOKI says:

      I am SO sorry for your loss.very touching story,so very unfortunate. BUT see,PEV didn’t affect one tribe or a specific region,the ripple effects hounded every Kenyan at one level or another IN VARYING DEGREES OF COS.I don’t mean to be pococurante about your loss but speaking out of bitterness and quoting everything out of context doesn’t help your case either.SO I suggest you re-read Eric’s article without the myopic lens laced with a poison called bitterness and get the message he is selling.otherwise your conniptions are misplaced.

    • Dre Andrew says:

      JP you are a bitter person but above all lets try and preach for peace, that whatever befell our nation in the PEV shall never happen again.

    • Jo, i know sorry does not count for now, but i have to admit, that was terrible

    • Anonymous says:

      Your story is very heart wrenching. My sympathies go to you and all those who were killed, raped, maimed or lost loved ones. It was a tragic loss to all of us Kenyans from all ethnicities. This game of politicians fanning tribalism to push their political goals has to stop. Wake up Kenyans. Let’s not allow ourselves to be used. Kenyatta was president for 15 years and yet the majority of Kikuyus live in abject poverty. Have you been to Gatundu? The poverty around there is incomprehensible. Luos had several government minsters and Permantent Secretaries during the Kenyatta era and yet they complain that Luo Nyanza was sidelined by the government. Moi created a lot of ‘white elephants’ in Rift Valley to enrich himself and his cronies. Let us wake up!

      You have made some serious allegations on your article. Please be factual. If Raila had made any such utterances, they would be in the public domain. We all watched all news channels and interviews closely and I do not recall seeing or hearing any such utterances as alluded by you. If that were to be true, he would have been one of the Ocampo four today.

    • Modyuno says:

      You haven’t explained why you blame Raila. You just said you blame him. So explain why you blame him. And Kibera is also my backyard. You blame me too?

  70. Jakaqu says:

    Wainaina I might stand to defend the idea that “GEMA does not represent me!” but at the same time your article has missed the point. My comment might sound different from the rest because I always try to think by myself rather than basing my opinions by what others say and think.
    You have used a case study of Kenyatta hospital and a kid with menengitidis. Allow me to use the case study of 1Sam 8: 10-18. In it you will find that we are like slaves to our leaders that we have chosen and voted them in office. That tells me that all human leaders are imperfect. It might be tribalism, corruption, nepotism,crimes against humanity etc. But that doesn’t mean that we should just sit and watch us being enslaved.
    Your article is purely meant to hit on Uhuru and Ruto and their supporters, and you are trying to put across the point that by sacrificing the two to our western “gods” (ICC) then all the said above injustices will fall to zero. Well you might be right, but I fail to understand why you are so blinded to accept the fact the two actually caused the chaos.
    Let me take you back to 07. You might have been in the well established and secured estates in Nairobi but I was in the battle fieled in a village in rift valley. I was 17 and I witnessed what happened. And I can only tell you one word: you should have been there.
    You have also said that it would be wrong to live with people who support The two. I wonder huo ni uzalendo mgani? So Wainaina let people think on their own and wacha kujipendekeza kwa wakenya kuwa wewe ni mzalendo kushinda wakenya wengine! Kila mmoja ana haki ya kumfuata kiongozi anayempendeza.

  71. Kim says:

    Valid points Eric, but in one way or another, I’ve heard before what you’ve so well articulated here. My thoughts: I am yet to find a group of young men and women who are willing to put their comfort on the line to effect meaningful & sustainable change. I’ve met quite a few who share your sentiments, but Eric they’ll only go as far as cheering you on. What then? Like you said, you can’t stop a train by shouting at it. Again, as you so aptly put it,I believe our problems (as Kenya), both social and political, are deeply rooted and awash with the vested interests of a few who wield (or seem to) influence over a number. Further, more often than not, the people who can effect change are either benefiting somewhat from the status quo or feel that to go against it would betray their instinct of self preservation: end result, they sit and watch. Could you find me people who ready,able and willing, will stand up for a cause, come rain or shine and see it through in the best interests of their country and its people? Like you said, forget Ruto & Uhuru…because we both know there’s many more…who are to blame, who are behind this (or that), who are in the shadows…Point me to the light Eric, help me find that ray; for I have searched in vain.

    PS: Joana, valid point: Raila did play the key role in 2007. But if may add, sometimes the ‘balls’ I think you’re asking for, though sometimes necessary, tend to cause more harm than good…then again, 2007 wasn’t the object of this article…my very humble opinion.

  72. Kim says:

    To Jo,

    Just seen your more recent post, my heartfelt condolences for your loss. I now see where you’re coming from, I think we now all do. Again, my condolences for your loss.

  73. young blood says:

    Kenyans are so vulnerable to manipulation. i hope that one day, we will have a president of all Kenyans!

  74. This article is shocking coming from a kikuyu, seems like it is a coping mechanism for kikuyu’s because of the 2007 election violence truma. lately all the article on newspapers in Kenya seem to have this happy talk that is based on naivety . Politics is a game you play for keeps winner takes all , the thing most of you so called kikuyu have failed to see is that the evil visited on the kikuyu’s was not because the kikuyu’s are somehow evil but because they are a force to recon with especially to the western powers , remember colonialism works on the explotation of the weak indigenous and that will not be possible if you have a very strong main group of people who have both the knowledge and the economic power to resist ( iraq is a pefect example , the suni were the most power full group before the illegal invasion that was based on lies & in in order to recolonise iraq for exploitation ,the western powers went on a rampage to destroy the suni’s , it was known a debathification of iraq , they even had death squads ) , colonization ( lute , plannender , and rape of the masses ) so they the British brought out the old demon of divide and rule , what is worse is that the people who stand to lose the most ( GEMA) are acting as cheer leaders in they own Demise , the truth is that I am not a Kenyan , ( kenya is a creation of the british ) I am a African from the kikuyu tribe and belong to the GEMA Nation and i am Damn proud of it.

  75. Matthew Erot says:

    Joan, as much as i wish to contribute my salute to Eric for another bold voice of reason away from the MIC, i am forced to retort to u but a bit!
    What do u plan to do with your anger? How is it going to help u? And even if it was raila in the dock, will that stop you from paying your bills? What future r u prepared for, of peace or of war? Y dont u go n meet ocampo n present ur argument?
    You see, becoz we have noway we can change the happenings concerned your heros, what Eric is saying is instead of getting stuck to a court case we beta move forward and find a way we can beta our lives unless u like kenya burning which i guess could be true becoz thats what the whites enjoy hearing about Africa!!

  76. Akinyi says:

    Ms. Preston, I can not even begin to claim I understand your pain, seeing your loved one brutally murdered in front of your eyes must be the worst pain any human being should have to endure. I have only one issue with your finger pointing. Raila, Kibaki et al. (all of the pigs in power) are the cause of all the problems we are having. Singling out the culprits is where we go wrong, all of them are guilty of running down our government, all of them are guilty of inciting violence against each other, all of them are guilty of crimes against the Kenyan and all of them should have been added on to the Ocampo list. It is this trying to separate the “guilty” party from the “not so guilty” party that is the root of all the problems. I suggest put them all in a luxury bus, drive them to View Point, put the bus on neutral and let them roll down the damn hill and maybe then we can start with a new set of politicians.

  77. Akinyi says:

    I was actually mighty surprised that only 7 pigs made it to that list when we all know who the real problems are. And it is way more than seven names. We need accountability and transparency with our politicians, and any missing dime is the tax payers dime and if it comes up missing, somebody should go to jail for it. We could have this discussion until kingdom come, unfortunately, we are the voters who put them in power and live them in power even after they sodomise us. So who really is to blame here???

  78. Something to say says:

    JO, sorry about what happened to the man you love.

    That said, I think you are taking this discussion out of context the Kenyan issue is much greater than one man. As a citizen of this country I see where Eric is coming from he is not advocating for any leader. If you read the blog entry again you will see that.

    Your feelings/ sentiments are your right to have but please be objective in your statements.

  79. Veronica says:

    Eric,the challenge our country faces is humongous because:
    1.How do you get the illitrate fellow in the village to take thhs stand?One who believes that the route to their redemption is thro their tribal kingpin.
    2.There are people so poverty striken that if selling their vote wins them a day’s meal ticket,then to hell with voting.To them,promise of a better tomorrow thro voting is too far fetched since they might be dead from hunger anyway.
    3.None of the top contenders deserves space in the ‘house on the hill’-Why?As you put it,its never been about service, rather its positioning for the spoils.But would Kenyans give a chance to fresh and untainted minds..i highly doubt.

  80. Kevin says:

    I agree with you Eric! its time as Kenyans we focused on what matters.

  81. Kula Handas says:

    @ Joana you are entitled to your opinion , which i find very politician like (not taking responsibility) The article points that all Kenyans have failed Kenya. Make a date with the TRC as a witness cause we would like to hear that version of yours and sorry for the loss of your husband. Eric tribalism in Kenya is brought by poverty , remember the Xenophobia in S Africa? a hungry angry man is a vicious tool.The 2007 clashes has been a big story coz it happened in to the big 3 Luo,Kikuyu,Kalenjin? what about the wagalla massacre and the silent Massacres that is happening in other Parts of Kenya? We the youth have the answers of creating a better and fair Kenya where your tribe is not the passport to a job or looting the coffers. In school we learned about BASIC HUMAN NEEDS Tell me have we failed as KenyanS? we the youth of now can start to influence change.

  82. Wambui says:

    It’s revolution time, it’s solution time. We must use our diversity to our advantage this time around! My children do not understand that they belong to a particular tribe, but they understand they are different from their classmates who they can learn from certain things and vice versa. They use each other to do their SOS homework but at breaktime it is all forgotten and they are friends who go to the same school. Period. We must make it safe and healthy for them to grow up in this blessed nation!

  83. wandia says:

    murigu -let us stick to the topic. Eeeeh, and let the one who has not sinned throw the first stone!

    Well said Eric. May we use empower ech other by denouncing tribalism and highlighten that these leaders dividing us is for their own good. And this has to be from the grassroots!

  84. Alex Mutiso says:

    It speaks for me and to me. This should be in the front page of every news daily, it should be headlining the evening news, it should be retweeted. Instead we’ll wake up to the same 6 politicians and opinion polls. How come we all never know anybody that has been polled? Why don’t these polls ask what really matters; the education system, the teachers, hospitals, overworked nurses, our lack of faith in politicians, poor customer service, and bad PR by people who’s salaries are paid through our taxes, the constant recycling of ministers across different ministries, seriously?? I don’t care who the next president is, just that a functioning Kenya is here when I wake up tomorrow.

  85. Kimutai Sempeya says:

    Gema speaks for me. You belong to a group of educated kikuyus who think sheng is a language and that being kikuyu is a crime. Shame on you. In 2007 is was no raila no peace, this year no uhuru no peace. No apologies. Everyone should carry the burden of a nation and not Kikuyu’s only. We have sacrificed enough!

  86. Lamu Chonjo says:

    What you are doing is reframing an old argument in a way that makes all of us accountable. Bravo. But it will make many uncomfortable as the status quo is so very comfortable for them, albeit while people die of hunger, preventable illness, fighting for recources, etc. We need to reframe many issues so that they are brought out in the light of day. Keep going, Eric.

  87. njeri says:

    So what are we going to do about it? The real problem with Kenya is a complacent middle class. We know what is right. We have the wisdom and the education, things that the poor defenceless man on the street does not have. We know what is wrong and what it takes to fix it, but we will not badge. In fact, we will only blog, talk about the message with friends but do nothing. On a practical level, we are ineffective. We are talkers and not doers. So what can we do? I would like to suggest that the best way to eat an elephant is in small bites. As Pastor Linda of Mavuno Church says, start with participating in your residents association. I would go further and suggest that you start with the management committee of the court that you live in. Team up with other management committees of neighboring courts. See what you can do to improve the environment around you. You can paint the local council school or clinic or you can plant trees in your hood, or you can go green and fight the concrete jungle eg by covering concrete fences with creepers. Or you can ensure that there is no drug peddler within a 2 mile radius of your kids. Those are the small bites. Going further, you can choose some from among you to represent your interests at the wider residents association or at cdf meetings. If we all focused on helping the needy around our neighborhoods, our combined efforts would have a multiplier effect in the cities we live in. You must make the time to impact your immediate hood. So the next time a committee member of your court or estate calls a meeting, please show up?

  88. njeri says:

    Eric, better not to publish surnames on blog posts. Cheers.

  89. Nyairo says:

    This country needs people (especially the youth) to raise up and say no to ethnic politics

  90. Fred says:

    Very well put Eric, you have spoken the minds of millions of Kenyans anguishing in problems caused by our small-mindedness and tolerance of ignorance politicians. If our choice for president was issues-based rather than tribal, this country would go far. We would judge our loaders fairly. We pay tax and it’s our right to get the best of services from the government. Again, well put.

  91. James Ondigo says:

    What worries me most is the hate speech from the social media generation that I read every day. The poison of destructive negative ethnicity has sunk real deep. The ruling class has achieved their objective of dividing, subjugating and keeping the masses desperate. Now young people are hating each other purely for coming from the other tribe.

    We have a much bigger issue on our hands that 2007/2008. Only now we know what is coming our way. Na serikali haitatusaidia.

    I see a revolution in the offing.

  92. Nyangasi says:

    I have noticed Joanna post that I feel I must address. I, like most Kenyans, will be eternally sorry for what happened in 2007. I was an ardent ODM supporter and raila fan, I was sold on some message of change that I thought Kenyans needed at the time. there was a dream of a better Kenya that we thought would be realised under a different administration.

    I still believe, like many Kenyans, that the dispute in outcome was real and had justifiable basis.

    We however became confused when people started killing in he name of an alleged stolen victory. A lot of us wanted victory but not like that. It was pyrrhic and bloody. The message and all
    Moral authority dissipated then minute he first life was lost.

    I feel raila odinga could have done more and should have done more to end the killing. He had the influence to stop it and made a horrible call not to. For me, it’s an unforgivable crime of omission.

    I cannot say I understand your pain as it is impossible to, I cannot say take it easy, coz only god can assuage your healing heart. But what I can do is appeal? The circle of hate has to stop with us, you and I.

    That’s the message I get from Eric’s post. All progress in getting rid of this hate society has to start with me and you. All is lost if we cannot find it in our hearts to forgive and move on. To see the next tribe as human beings with aspirations, goals, fears and struggles just like we do.

    I am sorry about your loss and may God rest your husband heart in eternal peace.

  93. jamesm says:

    … politicians often are a mirror of the society.

  94. Luta says:

    A BIG call for change is sweeping across Kenya, I see it hear it feel it and sense all around… a need for engagement in the affairs and the future of this nation. There is no neutral space-either you influence or get influenced. The starting point is shaping… OUR THOUGHTS, CONSCIENCE and CONVICTIONS. How far will you go to defend that which you BELIEVE Kenya deserves. Here is a piece I wrote on politics being no game… its our life and future http://wp.me/p1bMUw-4L

  95. Ken Ouma says:

    What every citizen should always put at the back of their minds is that it always starts with me. Each and everyone of us should know that the responsibility is in our hands. Give leaders who have the ability a chance. I will vote for Peter Kenneth

  96. Kamami Sonata says:

    The biggest mistake UK made was to tell the ICC that RAO was not criminally responsible for the mess. It suddens me to see people quickly throwing their support behind the carefully crafted network agents of Rao’s cover up scheme.

  97. Yankee Victor says:

    I dint know that your other side, thought you just sang for money but now i know you are really patriotic.

  98. G.K says:

    Well Put Eric + all your comments but honestly-wat are we doing about it?
    Do we just need to talk about it only?
    is it enough?
    Eric-what is your follow up after this?
    Are you bold enough to start something and see to its end?
    If so, lets know and see how we can come in to support.
    Truly i ask all Kenyans-whom among the current leaders, forget Gema or Non-Gema, who do you think can/stands for “these values”?
    Let’s talk about them and involve them if we can..
    we cannot even begin to think of ruuning way from our home to a neighbours’ in trying to find comfort there-how about we create comfort and peace at ours?
    Otherwise-it will all be vanity as ecclesiastes puts it.


  99. Dixon Nyoni says:

    Very well said Eric, that’s the right perspective to have. How I wish that all Kenyans could have such an eye for detail, that’s what we lack.

  100. Jermaine Kioi says:

    let me borrow this line….What we have to remind ourselves of as voters is that many politicians (these two included) are not in politics for service. I wish I could get people to see that….

    If and when mwananchi will comprehend this valid point then surely we shall have overcome a great mental obstacle. I read this piece like 5 times overwhelmed by the reality it reflects on our plight. We can say so so much and equally discuss however as the good book says Faith without action is DEAD!! Eric has on numerous occasion aired the gloom we live by and we have hailed him for that..I don’t think he wants us to just clap for his messages rather GET IT and TUJIPANGE vilivyo..do what should be done and vote in people who are not “politicians” rather visionaries who will see that we live for tomorrow and make a road to that effect.
    Lastly, I wish us (kenyans)for scales to fall from our eyes and come next elections reject!! reject!! reject!! non visionaries.

  101. Silas says:

    This is a brilliant piece of work. I wish every sensible Kenyan will read and understand this!

  102. Lily says:

    Dear Erick, this has made my day, majority of comments indicate that surely not all is lost in our contry. I bleed and cry and have felt a deep sense of defeat. I was home recently and was shocked that right from the Airport, all you saw and read was about UK and WR, then to my dispair, some of WR supporters were advocating that should the ICC refuse to deffer the cases, our athletes should abscond the Olympics. Regars LT

  103. Sam says:

    Thank you Eric. Keep up the good work.

  104. James says:

    Mmmm… you have a point, but you messed it up when you became like the demonizers and dissidents in our society, who always stand at the door of heaven, criticizing every effort that has been put in place towards cohesion, and ridicule the organizers calling them names, BUT THEY THEMSELVES DO NOTHING WORTH THE PURPOSE OF WHAT THEY CRITICIZE.Do not tell us what is not helpful without showing a solution. So not unless you give us a practical application in place of what you are demonizing, you remain as useless as Ngugi wa Thiongo criticizing Africa and africanism, and at the end of the day he misses home and wants to be with his people for a month at least. You can write a nice poem though.

  105. mike juma says:

    wow ,the problem is that we are few who share this honorable view i wish kenyans would for once see through your eyes ,wed have the best country in the whole world

  106. Kari says:

    Every Kenyan, every African should read this.read it for your family,tweet it, post it on your blog, get it out there.Kudos Eric.

  107. kenyan says:

    This Murigu guy..kenya belongs to kenyans not a tribe or anyone. Eric, you hit the nail so hard & well. What money is this Murigu guy talking about. Grow up & quick cause Kenya is moving forward.

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